Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Raw Food Lasagna

Raw Food Lasagna

sunburst squash lasagna with tomato, cashew ricotta and tomato/rosemary sauce
on a bed of arrugula

I have a spiral slicer that makes those beautiful spirals and paperthin slices of veggies but you can try cutting them with a real sharp knife.

Place the arrugula on the plate, arrange sliced sunburst squash (or zucchini) on top, cover w

cashew ricotta –

Soak natural cashews for about 1-2 hours in spring water, then place in food processor w garlic, preserved lemon (or lemon juice and some rind), a little water, seasalt, process to creamy consistency.

Place thinly sliced tomatoes on top cover with

Tomato/rosemary sauce –

Organic sundried tomatoes, soaked for ½ hr (keep t he soaking water for your veggie smoothie), some fresh tomato, lemon juice, olive oil, sea salt, pepper, process in food processor until smooth, then add diced shallots and fresh rosemary

Cover with more squash and tomatoes, sprinkle w more rosemary

That’s it, a glass of organic red  goes with it beautifully; I also had some “raw” crackers with hit.
Enjoy! (see blog pic)

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